February 7, 2023
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TFWC sets 2019-20 fishing regulations

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The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission set the 2019-20 fishing regulations during its September meeting. Several of the new fishing regulations are geared toward the agency’s effort to battle the invasive Asian carp.

To reduce the risk of accidentally introducing Asian carp into new waterways, in TWRA Regions I and II, skipjack herring, gizzard shad, and threadfin shad may not be transported alive from the Mississippi River and Barkley, Kentucky, and Pickwick reservoirs or any tributaries or oxbows of these waters. These bait species are similar in appearance to small Asian carp. Additionally, commercially harvested catfish over 34 inches in length also cannot be kept alive after harvest.

Change to seasons on the Tellico River, Citico Creek, and Green Cove Pond will allow optimal stocking and fishing conditions during the permit season. Big Lost Creek, Goforth Creek, Spring Creek, and Greasy Creek and their tributaries in Polk County have been changed to follow statewide regulations. This adds fishing opportunities to these creeks that currently are closed on Fridays.

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