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Recently while visiting a local phone store I overheard a couple of seniors listening to the sales presentation. They agreed they did not really need a “smart phone” and that for what they used it for the regular phone would work just fine.
The sales rep explained the benefits of the latest technology. Well, I don’t know how the sale went because I started looking at all the gadgets hanging on the wall, trying to visualize how they would be of benefit.
Being a senior citizen myself I could fully emphasize with this couple. Basically all I need a phone for is to make and receive calls, read an occasional text and sometimes check the time and weather.
Picking up the phone that displays time in large digits is easier than keeping up with a watch, although watches have become “smart” themselves and can be used for a lot more than just to tell the time.
Phones have come a long, long way from the rotary style phones we used to have hanging on the kitchen wall. Not having a curled cord attaching us to the wall by its length is a huge enough technology advance.
The weather forecast on the smart phones amazes me. My phone tells me if it is raining. I do not even have to look out the window. Not only that, my phone even tells the hour that the rain or snow is supposed to start and end.
I have the IPhone 8 only because my trusted IPhone 5 drowned in the washing machine. That was a $700 mistake. I tried virtual CPR, used the hair dryer on it and packed it in rice. RIP.
Since I never carry phone insurance I was in luck that the phone place set up the balance on monthly payments.
I am not as attached to my phone as some apparently are. I mean I like having it and feel lost when I forget to bring it with me, but some people keep them right by their sides and have trouble carrying on a conversation because their phone keeps dinging with either text, a call, or Facebook notification. Now that is addicted.
I understand just enough about the phones to know that technology is changing faster than my brain can comprehend, then again, I am eager to see what the next development will be.
My phone already knows where I am and where I have been. Will it be able to tell me where I am going? And will it provide video proof?
What do you think? We’d love to read your phone encounters.

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