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Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Vacuum

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Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Vacuum

Vacuums are arguably some of our most useful technological inventions in modern history. However, like any appliance, yours will eventually need replacement. There are many indications that it’s time for you to buy another one, some less readily apparent than others. Check out our signs that it’s time to replace your commercial vacuum below.

Loss of Suction

This is the most common issue you’ll find when your vacuum is ready for replacement. If you start having to run over the same patch of flooring repeatedly, that likely means the vacuum filter isn’t working correctly. This may not warrant getting an entirely new vacuum, though. So check the filter before buying another vacuum. If it’s clogged or dirty, the suction may not be able to work at optimal efficiency. In that case, cleaning the filter is your best option. However, if you check the filter and it seems clean or unclogged, it’s probably time to replace the vacuum. 

There’s a Burning Smell

Choosing the best commercial vacuum cleaner for your needs is already a tough process. You definitely don’t expect it to smell like a bonfire when you turn it on, which can cause concern. What do you do if you have this problem? If there’s a burning smell coming from your vacuum, check it immediately. It may not be an immediate cause for alarm. It could just be an issue with carpet threads or hairs stuck in your rotors or wheels or a jammed drive belt. There are even situations where a lit cigarette can get caught in your vacuum! In that case, you’ll just want to cut, unwind, or remove whatever has become lodged in your cleaner’s rotating parts. However, if you can’t find the burning source, we strongly suggest that you replace the vacuum altogether since it could explode or catch fire. 

It Makes Strange Noises

Yes, any vacuum you choose will be noisy, and you’ll become pretty accustomed to the sound if you have it for a while. That said, certain noises clearly aren’t normal. Check for any grinding sounds or unusually high-pitched whines. This is a clear sign that it’s time to replace your commercial vacuum.

Your vacuum is one of the most important appliances you’ll use in your building. As such, it’s crucial to know when you need another one. While not all malfunctions are causes for concern, some are undeniable proof that you need a replacement. Instead of holding onto a faulty product, heed the signs and buy one that will last you for several years. 

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