Shower Door Alternatives Ideas

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A stylish, spa-inspired bathroom is every homeowner’s dream. A bathroom is somewhere you spend a considerable amount of time. It should reflect your personal style and provide a relaxing and stylish vibe.

There are many ways to achieve this. You could replace the flooring with a luxury tile in your favorite color or switch the old builder’s grade mirror above the sink with a stylish framed piece. But even with these bathroom upgrades, you might still be unsatisfied with the shower door. Glass shower doors are somewhat old-school and not super stylish. Check out these shower door alternatives ideas.

No Shower Door

If you dislike your shower door, consider removing it altogether. Take out the glass and consider putting in a bit of a tile, stone, or brick buffer on the floor where the door would go to keep the water from running all over the bathroom. If your shower is in a secluded spot in your bathroom, you may not need a door at all.

Tile Shower Enclosure

You can also try building a permanent shower enclosure. This is a great DIY project if you’re comfortable laying tiles.

Start by removing your shower door and the frame entirely. Then, build an enclosure around the opening of your shower. Remember to leave room to enter and exit at a point where the water won’t flow out of the enclosure. Then, you can install glass tile to give the space a bright and stylish look.

Farmhouse Style Door

Farmhouse aesthetics are currently trending. Farmhouse is a modern yet old style with a fun mix of materials. This project is perfect for the DIY-er not looking for a full renovation, or renters looking to give their place a low-maintenance facelift.

You can buy wood or aluminum frames or siding and attach them to the existing glass shower door to create the illusion of smaller framed glass panels. This is a quick and easy way to give your boring old door some flair.

Each of these options adds a bit of style to your bathroom and offers different levels of DIY renovations. You can always hire someone for the process if you aren’t too handy. Upgrading your bathroom can solidify your home’s aesthetic and make your daily routine much more enjoyable.

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