Second Samuel 23:11-12 Defending your ground

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In listing the accomplishments of David’s mighty men, we see one named Shammah. There was an important piece of ground, sort of a garden, full of lentils (vegetables) that was very important to men in war. The Philistines wanted it. Shammah, “stood in the midst of the ground, and defended it, and slew the Philistines.”
What is the piece of ground that God has called you to defend? I know mine is the Word of God and all it teaches. Is it your family’s well being, spiritually, morally and physically? Is it your testimony on the job, or any other valuable ground? Here’s one, America’s foundational principles and policies. I’ve watched this struggle for years. I’ve watched the Democrats totally embrace the horrible practices of abortion – baby killing – with the abominable acceptance of perversion, along with some Republicans also. We, as believers, cannot give our allegiance to either party, strictly on profession. We must study the word of God and vote accordingly while praying diligently. Recently, Phil Bredesen took a clear stand for these two pagan practices, while Marsha Blacburn stood firmly against them. Also, she has always stood clearly for Israel. Regardless of political affiliation, these are the biblical deciding issues of America’s future as a Christian leaning nation or a pagan Godless society. I appreciate her standing on her “ground” of importance for America’s and Tennessee’s future. On what do you stand up and fight for, that God and His word favors? God bless you.

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