Saddle club holds awards banquet

saddle club award banquet

Wearing boots and Western shirts, members of the Magic Valley Saddle Club (MVSC) gathered at the Apex Bank community room on Saturday, Nov. 17, to celebrate the end of another successful and fun riding season. The 2018 MVSC Awards Banquet recognized skilled riding, consistent participation, and overall equestrian excellence among its members.

In the Halter Classes, Hayden Boane won the pony group, while Jayden Kyle received honorable mention. Randy Trask took first place in the mare group, with Kevin Cox, Brittney Frazee, and Brittney Cunningham placing second, third, and fourth. Trask again took first in the gelding group, with Brittany Plowman Vandyke and Rusty Young placing second and third.

In the Leadline Class, Millie Frazee earned first place, with Ty Johnson, Maggie Robinson, and Mary Katherine Robinson following behind. Millie and Ty also each earned a “stick horse” to ride, along with Gabby Goodman and Tinley Frazee.

For the Western Pleasure Classes, Boane again was first in the pony group, with Jayden, Millie, and Mary Katherine Robinson earning honorable mention. Ava Elliott won the youth buckle, while Vandyke took the adult buckle. Also placing in the adult group were Cunningham, Trask, and Frazee.

In the Ranch Horse Class, Boane won the youth group, with Elliott earning second. Vandyke earned another first place buckle, followed by Cunningham, Kevin Cox, Ashley Parker, and Trask. For the Speed Class, Boane again won for youth and Vandyke for adult, with Windy Wilson, Cox, and Trask placing second, third, and fourth in adult.

In the Speed Classes, Young took the top spot in the adult group, followed by Jeff Chapman and Vandyke. Ellie Patterson won in youth, with Hannah Bell in second. Boane again won the pony group. For the Flags Classes, Chapman won the adult group, with Young and Michael Hilliard taking second and third. Boane won again for the pony group.

For the Poles Classes, Boane won both the pony and the child groups, while Young won the senior group. Gabby Goodman earn an honorable mention in the pony group. Patterson won the youth group, with Lynsey Wimberly in second. In the adult group, Windy Wilson earned first place, followed by Chapman, Frazee, and Cunningham. The open poles group was won by Candice McLin, with Wimberly, Wilson, Patterson, and Frazee following her lead.

In the Barrel Classes, again Boane won both the pony and the child groups, and Young won the senior group. Elliott took second in the child group, and Ronnie Wilson took second in senior. McLin won the youth group, followed by Patterson, Wimberly, and Bell. Parker took the top spot in the open group, with McLin, Patterson, Wilson, and Bell in the next slots down the line.


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