Reasons Why Your Car Shakes When Driving

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If you find that your car begins to noticeably shake while driving, idling, or braking, then there is something internal that’s not working as intended. There are many components in a car, so diagnosing the cause of any problem can be difficult, but there are several reasons why your car shakes when driving. Find out what those reasons are, have your vehicle serviced, and know how to best maintain your car.

Faulty Wheels

Hopefully, the shaking you’re experiencing is due to some malfunction of the wheels. While it is never ideal for anything to go wrong, it is much simpler and cheaper to have tires repaired than other components. Shaking can result from your tires becoming out of balance; these issues typically occur when there is a difference of weight between tires on the same axle.

Older Tires

If tires are worn down and old, then there may be a difference in the tread depth causing issues. In these cases, simply purchasing a new set of tires can be enough to solve the problem.

Issues With the Axle

If tires are not the issue, then it could be a problem with the axle. There’s an axle for the front and rear tires, and if either one is bent, then it can result in noticeable vibration. Shaking as a result of axle problems may become more prominent the fast you go. Faster speeds equal more violent vibrations.


Problems can also arise from the driveshaft of your vehicle. This can happen if the shaft becomes unbalanced, which would need to be taken to a professional so they can properly balance the driveshaft.

Braking Problems

When you feel your vehicle shaking when you apply the brakes, then there can be several common reasons why your car shakes. One typical cause is a faulty rotor or worn-out brake pads. The rotor is the metal disc that attaches to the wheel, and over time it can become warped and misshapen.

Brake Pads

The brake pads press against the rotor in order to slow it down; these too will degrade over time. Once they lose their thickness, then you will experience braking problems as well as vibrations.

It Will Only Get Worse

Holding off on the necessary repairs your car needs will only cause more significant problems. If you neglect taking care of your car, it’ll become a snowball effect of failure; when one piece breaks, it affects another, causing that one to deteriorate at a faster rate. Have repairs done as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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