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Reasons Why You Should Break in a Diesel Engine

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Reasons Why You Should Break in a Diesel Engine

Diesel engines operate much differently than their gasoline counterparts. It’s vital to learn why you should break in a diesel engine to ensure you get the most out of your machine without performing extensive maintenance. Today, we will look at what breaking in your engine means and why it’s such a crucial step.

What Does Breaking in Your Diesel Engine Mean?

Breaking in your diesel engine is a process that involves pushing your piston rings to the block liners. These rings form a bond and groove with your cylinder wall, which ultimately aids in preventing oil from slipping through. Essentially, breaking in your engine is like breaking in a pair of shoes. The more you wear them, the more the individual pieces adjust to the specific contours of your feet, which creates comfort and helps the shoes last longer.

How Do I Break in My Diesel Engine?

Breaking in a diesel engine involves starting it up outside the vehicle and checking for any leaks or other potential problems. After performing this check, install the engine in your car and use it at lower speeds and weights until you properly break it in. Depending on your vehicle and engine, how long it takes to break in the engine may vary, but it’s generally around 150 hours.

What Happens if I Don’t Break in My Diesel Engine?

Failing to break in your diesel engine means the parts aren’t syncing up properly. An imbalanced engine results in more oil slipping past your piston rings, leading to a loss in oil, less power in your engine, and a needless increase in fuel engine. You should break in your diesel engine because if you don’t, you risk running an engine with more significant and unnecessary mechanical issues. Take the time to break it in and ensure that everything runs smoothly to save yourself the hassle of excess oil consumption in the long run.

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