Prom Checklist: Tips To Get You Ready for the Big Day

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Prom Checklist: Tips To Get You Ready for the Big Day

It’s never too early to begin planning for prom. Prom is a big night for many teenagers, and you want to ensure it’s perfect. There are plenty of tasks you’ll need to accomplish to get ready for prom night, and the following tips will help guide you.

Purchase the Tickets

Buy the prom tickets as soon as they become available. After all, you won’t be able to go to prom unless you purchase tickets. Some schools even provide discounted ticket prices or early-bird pricing, allowing you to save money. Prices may go up closer to the date if you wait to buy, so purchase them early.

Book the Appointments

Appointments for hair and makeup tend to book up fast. Once you know the date for prom, book your appointments. If you have a hair stylist you love, choose them to handle your hair for prom night. Also, pick a makeup artist you trust to handle your beautiful face.

Buy Your Dress

Before you go to a store, know which styles and colors you like. Then, head to the store and try on dresses. Remember to have an open mind because you may choose something unexpected. Finally, purchase the dress that makes you smile the biggest. Following these tips will help you decide on the perfect prom dress.

Ensure you buy the dress in enough time to leave room for alterations. Depending on the tailor’s busy schedule, getting an appointment could take a few weeks or months.

Don’t Forget the Shoes and Accessories

Your dress may be the night’s shining star, but the shoes and accessories complete the look. Choose shoes that make you feel happy and pretty. That could be a fancy pair of sneakers, wedges, heels, or strappy sandals. Also, make sure you break them in before prom so that they fit comfortably.

Jewelry and hair accessories are also important for prom. Shop to find the perfect jewelry that will elevate your dress. If you want a headband, sparkly clips, or other hair accessories, pick them out before prom and have your hairstylist incorporate them into your hairstyle.

These tips will ensure you’re ready for prom, and all that’s left to do is have a fabulous evening. Make memories, take all the photos, stay safe, and have fun.

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