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Professional Hairstylist Tricks for Increasing Hair Volume

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Have you ever wondered why your hair feels much fuller after your hair appointments? Just ask your hairstylist. As industry professionals, hairdressers know all the secrets to keeping your hair healthy and giving you the look and feel you want from your new style. As such, they’re the perfect resource to use when you’re trying to determine your hair care habits. So, whether you want to know how to thicken your hair, or are a hairstylist looking to learn more, here are some professional hairstylist tricks for increasing hair volume.

Using the Right Type of Shears

The first thing to consider when heightening the volume of a person’s hair is the shears a stylist uses. From crafting clean, straight lines to giving the hair a feathered effect, professional shears help hairdressers accomplish this. For cuts that need more volume, they use quality texturizing shears to create a soft finish on the ends of each strand they cut. This makes these areas look and feel thicker than they did before. Though, remember that these tools only work well in the hands of a trained professional.

Applying Specially-Formulated Products

The products they keep nearby are also a noteworthy hairstylist trick for increasing hair volume. Professionals have access to various hair care formulas that they can switch between depending on the situation. Because everyone’s hair is different, this allows them the freedom to use the best possible product for a specific client’s hair. As such, you should ask which products your stylist uses during your next appointment.

Blow-Drying at the Right Angles

Another technique that hairstylists use to achieve more volume is to blow-dry a client’s hair at particular angles. Drying your hair as it moves in a different direction helps it stay at that angle afterward. This lifts the roots and makes your hair naturally look like it has more volume. Professionals will also use shaped brushes to spin and curl the hair into the proper position to create this effect.

Reduce Heat Exposure

They can also help make that volume last by cutting back on how much heat they use during drying and styling. High heat often damages your hair’s roots, making them fall flat against your scalp. This decreases the appearance of volume and makes your style appear thinner by comparison. For this reason, stylists put in the additional effort to monitor the amount of heat they use on your hair and use protective products to prevent some of that damage.

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