Preparing for Multiples: 4 Nursery Design Tips for Twins

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Life has a way of exposing us to challenges we didn’t expect. Though, in the end, we’re capable of handling these occurrences, they still tend to throw us off balance and make it hard to adjust in the moment. As such, when you find out you’re expecting two babies instead of one, it’s easy to feel like all your previous planning was for nothing. Use these nursery design tips for twins to push through this adjustment period and create the perfect place for your new arrivals to thrive.

Keep the Design Simple

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you switch up your former design plans and opt for a more minimalistic approach. Having two babies means double the clothes, twice the number of diapers, and even multiples of some furniture items. For this reason, you’ll need all the additional storage space you can get. So, though you might be sad to let go of some of your cute decorative items, it’ll have a large impact on the functionality of the space.

Arrange Things Strategically

When you finally start assembling your nursery, it’s also important to plan the layout strategically. Nurseries are notoriously small. Therefore, it’ll take a bit of experimentation to find furniture arrangements that use as little space as possible. This is where you’ll need to get creative—maybe even purchase items that contain storage to make up for the loss of floor space. The design that works for you will depend on the size of your furniture items, how much you need to store, and the overall purpose you want to set for the room.

Purchase Two Cribs

Believe it or not, bringing home twins doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy two of everything. In fact, there are plenty of things they can share, such as toys, bottles, dressers, and the changing table. However, if there’s anything you must purchase two of, it’s the crib. Infants need space to stretch out in their cribs, and unfortunately, they can’t do so with their brother or sister right next to them. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you buy each baby their own crib and ensure both models have all the essential features.

Make Room for a Noisemaker

Another nursery design tip for twins to consider is to purchase a gentile noisemaker that will play while your babies sleep. Unfortunately, it’s common for twins to wake each other up in the middle of the night, leading to a rougher evening for you. Noisemakers can help block out some of the noise from a crying child, making it less likely that the other will wake up too.

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