Precautions To Take To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

Precautions To Take To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

Whether you’re traveling, walking down the street in a city, or at a public function, you should always be aware of where your personal belongings are. Pickpocketing is a real danger and can easily happen if you don’t take the necessary precautions. If you want a little refresher on what you can do to keep your personal items safe when out in public, no matter the location, continue reading below for insight on the precautions to take to avoid getting pickpocketed. Do what you can to stay safe!

Properly Prepare

There are always steps you can take to improve your overall safety, especially regarding pickpocketing. Not only should you have duplicates of the items you’re carrying, or have taken photos of your items, but you should consider having insurance on any expensive items that you’re worried might be stolen. For example, make sure you have a “find my phone” app set up in case someone steals your phone. This is super simple and can really make all the difference. You can access the app through a laptop or friend’s phone, and the app will then locate your’s.

Leave Valuables in a Safe Spot

If you have a large amount of money on you, important documents or identification, or valuable items, it’s important to identify a safe space. Everybody probably has a fireproof lock box at home where they keep such items—but that isn’t always something you bring when traveling. If you carry these items when traveling, make sure you leave them in a safe location in the hotel room. Most rooms have a lockbox!

Secure Your Bag or Wallet

You don’t want someone to grab your bag when you’re walking down the street or have your wallet snatched from your back pocket—so do everything you can to properly secure your items. Keep your wallet safe by keeping it in your front pocket, while also taking the steps to secure your bag to your body.

If you properly prepare and follow these precautions to take to avoid getting pickpocketed you’re already putting yourself in a better scenario! Being proactive and taking safety measures is never a bad thing. Stay attentive and stay safe!


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