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Practical Ways of Personalizing the Elements of a Funeral

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Funerals and memorial services have certain elements incorporated into them. And in many ways, this is an excellent thing. After all, it allows those planning to keep each aspect of the ceremony organized and structured. That said, if you don’t take the time to create a ceremony that embodies your loved one, the whole thing can feel impersonal.

So it’s wise to explore practical ways of personalizing the elements of a funeral. This way, you can send your loved one off with a celebration that epitomizes the beautiful person they were in life.

Music and Readings

Two of the essential elements of any funeral are music and readings. The music you choose for your loved one’s funeral will set the tone of the service and bring attendees’ emotions to the forefront. Music also allows people to grieve communally.

And in many ways, music can express what words cannot. So when you’re trying to decide on how to personalize your music selection, it’s wise to think about what sort of music your loved one enjoyed the most. Pick songs that were meaningful to them.

Moreover, consider whether you’d like to have musically inclined guests sing some of the songs or if you’d prefer recordings. As for readings, the same basic rules apply. If your loved one was religious, you might consider having a few people read their favorite verses.

However, if the deceased was less religious but loved poetry, it might be best to select a few relevant poems to read at the funeral. The most crucial thing is choosing music and readings that were meaningful to the deceased.

Eulogy and Symbols

Whether it’s through the use of religious or personal items of the deceased, there are always symbols laced into funerals. In any case, because there are numerous opportunities to incorporate symbolism into a service, it’s crucial to ensure that the things you use embody your loved one.

You might ask your guests to wear the deceased’s favorite color to the ceremony. Or you could create a display of their personal belongings. Perfume, jewelry, and pictures are some of the items you might consider for your memorial arrangement.

For the eulogy, consider what sort of things your loved one might want to hear if they were there. And one practical way of personalizing this element of a funeral is telling your favorite story of them.


Lastly, the service itself will help those grieving to say their goodbyes. But it’s also wise to consider the power and meaning found in the location you choose for the ceremony. If there was a particular park, church, or restaurant that the deceased loved, consider incorporating it into the service somehow.

The point of this is to select a place that reminds those in attendance of their lost loved one. And in doing this, you allow everyone at the funeral to feel their loved one’s presence before saying their final goodbyes.

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