Pool Options To Consider for Your Backyard

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Pool Options To Consider for Your Backyard

With winter upon us, things might be a little cold right now, but before long, it’ll be spring, and a new year is an excellent opportunity to make some significant changes. One great project to enhance your home in the upcoming year may be to add a pool so people can go swimming and you can host some fun get-togethers. Before you start digging, here are some common pool options to consider for your backyard.

Inground Pool

Inground pools, sometimes called below-ground pools, are one of the most standard options. As the name suggests, these pools go beneath the ground level of your yard and require extensive digging to clear the space. Some of the most common manufactured options for inground pools are fiberglass or gunite pools, either of which is sure to spruce up your backyard.

Above Ground Pool

One of the pool options to consider for your backyard is an above-ground pool. These pools are generally more affordable and easier to set up, and you typically have the option of taking them down and keeping them in storage during the off-season. However, many people find that above-ground pools aren’t as aesthetically pleasing, and extended exposure in your yard may result in dead grass or other agricultural problems.

Shipping Container Pools

An often overlooked option for backyard pools is the shipping container pool. You may choose to get a pre-built structure from a manufacturer, or invest in a shipping container and attempt to build one for yourself. Shipping container pools may work above or below ground, depending on how you want to use them and how much landscaping you wish to do around them.

Because of the multiple installation, creation, and customization options, the overall investment for a shipping container pool may vary more from person to person. Homeowners can customize them to have a stronger aesthetic flair so that they can remain a visually appealing option if they elect to use them as an above-ground option.

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