Pet Care Basics: Dogs That Require the Most Grooming

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When you’re looking to get a dog for your family, you should consider the breed carefully. It determines the nutrition they’ll require, the health conditions they could develop later in life, and even how they play and behave. But above all else, it helps you pinpoint how often your dog will need grooming. If you want a pet with longer fur, you must be prepared to provide them with the proper care. These are some of the dogs that require the most grooming.


All types of poodles, whether standard, miniature, or toy, require extensive amounts of grooming. This is because their fur is often very fluffy, long, and coarser in texture. With their activity level and overall social patterns, a poodle’s fur can become matted and painful without frequent grooming. To care for them, make sure you get their coat regularly trimmed and brushed.


Newfoundlands are among the largest breed of dog in the world—and they’re characterized by their long, shaggy coats. This combination makes them heavy shedders and puts them at an increased risk of matting. Newfoundlands are also known to drool onto their coats and develop additional tangles along their mane. This means professional dog groomers must use several different kinds of grooming shears to fix the issue.

Old English Sheepdog

Another breed of dog that requires the most grooming is the Old English sheepdog. Like poodles, these dogs also have longer, fluffier coats that tangle easily. They’re especially likely to suffer from matting around their muzzles, the location of their characteristic beards. You should check their ears for any matting as well.

Siberian Husky

Though Siberian huskies don’t seem to have long fur on the surface, it’s important to remember that they have a double coat. This means that they have a secondary layer of fur underneath their first one that helps trap body heat. The undercoat is often thicker than the top one and tangling can occur without you ever seeing it. These dogs need just as much grooming as the furriest of pets.

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