Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist

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With shelter-in-place orders in effect in most places throughout the country, many people are finding they have plenty of extra time at home. This is leading to people finding new hobbies, getting back into old ones, and deep cleaning parts of their homes they’ve never thought of as dirty before. One place to clean is your home’s exterior. With the weather warming up and people itching to get outside, there is truly no better time to spring clean your home’s exterior. Check out this outdoor spring-cleaning checklist to get started.

Front of home cleaning

The front of your home and the front yard are the first things people see when they pass by your house. This is a called curb appeal and it’s a term commonly used in real estate. Check out the most important parts to clean to maintain and improve your home’s curb appeal.

  • Driveway: A driveway is best cleaned with a power washer.
  • Walkways: Walkways can also be cleaned using a power washer.
  • Front door: Wipe down your front door with disinfectant, cleaning any windows with window cleaner.
  • Doorbell: Use a disinfectant on your doorbell to keep germs away and keep it shining.
  • Garage keypad: If your home has a garage door keypad, wipe it down thoroughly.
  • Mailbox: Wipe down your mailbox to keep it looking new and fresh.

Back of home cleaning

The back of your house is an area specifically for you. Whether that means a play area for children, a place to run around for pets, an entertaining space for parties, or even a sanctuary for you and your family, a backyard is a place to gather. Check out the places to clean in a backyard.

  • Patio: Power washing a patio can make it look brand new again.
  • Patio door: Wipe down your patio door and use window cleaner on any of the door’s windows.
  • Light switches: Outdoor light switches should be wiped down, as well as any outlet covers.
  • Play equipment: Children’s play equipment should be power washed and wiped down.

Side of the home and miscellaneous outdoor cleaning

There are more parts to your home than just a front and backyard. It’s important to consider other miscellaneous parts of your home and yard when it comes to your outdoor spring-cleaning checklist. Check out the most important places to clean on the sides of your home and other places around the exterior.

  • Gutters: Prepare your gutters for spring and summer by cleaning them out.
  • Siding: Power wash your house’s siding to make it look new and clean again.
  • Garden decor: wipe down any garden or lawn ornaments to rid them of dirt and grime.

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