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Dear Editor,

It’s not often that law enforcement gets recognition for doing a good job, even if that “good” is saving a life.

On May 18, I, along with Officer Chynna Jordan responded to a medical emergency in the city limits. Upon arrival, we found a male subject unconscious and lying on the bathroom floor. He was not breathing and had no heartbeat. From the neck up, he was purple and black in color.

We pulled him to the front room where Jordan started C.P.R. while I went to my car for our first aid kit. An ambulance was coming to our aid, but it was coming from Big Sandy., so we knew the response time would be longer.

As I entered the back room, I heard the man take a large gasp of air as Jordan continued chest compressions. The officers quickly assessed the area and knew that the man was suffering from a drug overdose.

Jordan requested Narcan, however; we had none on hand. Over the radio, Dispatcher Hannah Townsend said she had some of the overdose reversal drug on hand and met Deputy Jeff Arnold with it.

Once Arnold got the Narcan to Jordan, she administered it to the man and cradled him to avoid fluid build-up in his airway.

When the man was finally loaded into the ambulance, his color had returned and he was breathing on his own.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Jordan had not performed first aid, or Townsend had not provided Narcan, or Arnold would not have delivered it, that man would surely have died.

Thanks to all of them for saving a life.

Officer Ken Beal
Camden Police Department


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