Necessary PPE Items Crime Scene Cleaners Need

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Necessary PPE Items Crime Scene Cleaners Need

If you’ve seen CSI enough times, you know a special technician team comes in after to clean up the mess. However, this service isn’t provided through crime scene investigation or the police department. The homeowner, family, or town hall members handle cleaning up the mess, but they could hire professional crime scene cleaners instead. Find out the necessary PPE items crime scene cleaners need.

Face Mask

When around messy crime scenes, you might bend over, hand clamped to your mouth, dry heaving your way through the area. If this is you, you shouldn’t clean crime scenes alone; you hire crime scene cleaners for that.

Crime scene cleaners use face masks to keep their nose, eyes, and mouth protected from breathing in and getting blood, bile, or other contaminants into their eyes. No cleaner can enter the cleaning area without a mask to filter out pungent smells, corpses, and rotting fluids that the bodies may have left behind.

Gloves and Booties

You won’t see cleaners wearing only boots when cleaning a crime scene or replacing their gloves, often like doctors in their offices. A crime scene cleaner needs to have booties around their shoes before stepping onto the scene. The booties prevent workers from taking evidence home with them.

Workers use these shoe covers to keep fluids and other contaminants off their feet so it’s not traced anywhere off the scene. Additionally, workers attach rubber gloves to their wrists. Workers may wear up to two or three pairs of gloves for additional protection.

Protective Suit

One part of the safety gear a crime scene cleaner wears is a protective suit. The protective suits elongate to the ankles and around the head, making it easier to secure the facemask and keeping all hair away from contaminants.

The protective suit is an essential part of PPE gear that. After using it once, it’s immediately discarded into waste containers. Now that you know about the crucial PPE equipment crime scene cleaners need keep these items in mind if your cleaning company plans to specialize in cleaning crime scenes.

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