National Newspaper Week

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This is a special week in our industry.

Fresh off a trip to Norfolk, Va. for the National Newspaper Association annual convention we embark on a week dedicated to newspapers.

Oct. 7-13 is annually designated as National Newspaper Week.

It is apparent that our newspaper believes that our industry has a strong future. That is why we keep growing by adding sister newspapers.

What would a community be without a dedicated newspaper? I can’t imagine.

This newspaper is edited and published by local folks with an independent voice for the community. The readers and advertisers are the reasons that we exist. Our theory is that we need to publish news and events that are a fair representation of our communities. We also believe the local newspapers should be the biggest supporters of its market area.

When businesses thrive we grow stronger.

Newspapers matter more today than ever before in this age of the Internet and social media where so many rumors are spread so quickly.

Information shared on the Internet may be incomplete or biased to make a buck but what is the real story with our taxes and our community? Where else does one go but the local paper for a complete analysis?

How is my tax money being spent? What is really going on in my community? And what were all the sirens about last night?

While bits and pieces of information are disseminated across social media, experienced reporters bring the facts to you each week in the pages of this newspaper. It has been going on for hundreds of years.

As we begin National Newspaper Week, we reaffirm to you that we are proud to serve this community and grateful to have such loyal and dedicated readers.

Journalism matters.

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