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Most Unforgettable Experiences To Have With Your Dog

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There is a reason why dogs are called human’s best friends. Frankly put, dogs have always got your back. They’re often loyal to a fault, bring about endless joy, and give unconditional love. This is why our canine companions are true-blue adventure and travel buddies; bonds with dogs are like nothing else on the planet.

Have you ever made plans with a human friend, only to have them cancel? Well, no worries about ending up alone when you have an affable canine by your side. Their paws can’t hit you up with a text to cancel plans. Your dog is specifically there for you and you alone. So why not experience all the amazing things life has to offer together? Let’s take a look at some of the most unforgettable experiences to have with your dog.

Downward Dog: Doggy Yoga

Have you heard about dog yoga, aka “doga?” This particular phenomenon has grown perceptibly popular in the crowds of fitness-loving dog owners. For those strongly invested in their physical and mental health—as well as their precious dog’s fitness—these classes that practice mind-body movement are ideal for relaxation, recreation, and strengthening bonds. Use treats to keep your dog’s attention and help train them on an assortment of poses as you learn together.

Travel: Book a Unique, Pet-friendly Stay

Dogs are treasured and welcomed guests at a variety of pet-friendly accommodations throughout the country—and surely a multitude of destinations around the world. If your pet is able to travel, then perhaps it’s time to book a fresh and exciting stay. When planning a trip, keep your canine companion’s interests and personality in mind.

In the U.S., you can rent properties with pet-friendly pools, cabins with natural space to romp around, or even a B&B shaped like the world’s largest Beagle. As long as you are able to travel safely with your dog, countless possibilities are available for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway experience.

Locomotive: Take a Scenic Train Ride

Whether you’re familiar with the idea or not, an array of pet-friendly train fleets exist. In destinations around the world, a slew of routes will provide vivid scenes of landscapes you and your dog can partake in together. A gentle-coasting ride on a locomotive is one of the most unforgettable experiences to have with your dog. From the Jacobite in Scotland (which is immortalized as the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter) to the Skunk Train in California, adventurous escapades can be found anywhere.

Outdoor Adventure: A Hiking or Camping Trip

Tired of the old rat race of life? You can easily get away and get back in touch with Mother Nature through a hiking or camping trip with your furry friend. Bring along the right hiking gear and accessories so your dog can safely ruff it up in style. Your four-legged explorer will just as delighted to hit the trails and experience the great outdoors with you.

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