Most Common Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Most Common Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Everyone’s body is different and distinctive from another—women, in particular, are no exception. Pregnancy symptoms can vary from woman to woman because each pregnancy can be like night and day. This means some women can spot signs early on from knowing their bodies so well, while others may not have present symptoms at all.

For the majority of women, a missed period is the first sign of pregnancy. However, other clues can enlighten potential mothers-to-be before this realization. Let’s closely examine a few of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy you may be able to recognize for your health and wellbeing.

Increased Nausea or Vomiting

Your body experiences a wide range of changes if you’re pregnant. Most pregnancy symptoms do not appear immediately, as it’s typical for signs to take a few weeks to develop. While it’s often known as “morning sickness,” some women experience bouts of extreme nausea at any time of the day. Others usually experience vomiting spells that send them running off to the bathroom. Intensity can vary between women, but if you’re not sick with a wave of specific illness-causing nausea, the possibility of pregnancy is high.

Feeling Incredibly Tired or Fatigued

Pregnant women often report feeling extremely tired. One of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy is constant fatigue due to high hormone levels. You may experience an innate need to sleep a lot. This fatigue can make you feel out of sorts or not like your usual yourself. If your typical energy is disappearing, this could be a clear sign that something’s going on inside.

A Change In Taste or Cravings

Doctors often attribute a switch in food preferences or odor sensitivities to hormonal changes within the body. If your eating habits appear to change, or you lose a taste for certain foods that are normal to your diet, this could be a sign you’re in an early stage of pregnancy. Examples of universal food aversions include meats, eggs, caffeinated drinks, and fried foods.

Keep in mind that the above symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions or situations besides pregnancy. Taking a urine-based pregnancy test is the only way to tell for sure. Pregnancy tests effectively check for a specific pregnancy hormone called HGC which only appears after conception. Be sure to be aware of all you need to know about at-home pregnancy tests to receive the most clinically accurate result.


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