Miss Bluegrass pageant

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HOMETOWN GIRLS – Performing emcee duties again this year was Holladay’s own Kerri Arnold Lunsford, with a little help from her niece Kendall Jo Spivey.
BABY MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 0-12 MONTHS – From left: 2nd Maid Ansleigh McDowell (prettiest eyes) with Haley Brooke McDowell, 1st Maid Olive Anderson (prettiest smile) with Dylan Anderson, Queen Channing Cole (prettiest hair) with Sunni Cole, and 3rd Maid Sophie Bell with Kaleb Bell.
WEE MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 13-23 MONTHS – From left: Prettiest Hair – Briley Denson with Sydney Inman, Prettiest Eyes – Josie Grey Parrott with Jaclyn Parrott, 2nd Maid Brexleigh Blagburn (prettiest smile) with Brittany Blagburn, 3rd Maid Berkley Berg with Jacklie Cooley, 1st Maid Ellie-Kate Anderson with Bethany Anderson, and Queen Juliana Abbott with Brandi Oswalt.
TINY MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 2-3 YEARS – From left: Prettiest Hair – Ariyah Rowsey with Ava Rowsey, Prettiest Eyes – Saylor Spencer with Suzanna Spencer, Prettiest Smile – Nova Franklin with Montana Capps, 3rd Maid Maggie Smith with Nikki Smith, 2nd Maid Callie Crawford with Lacy Crawford, 1st Maid Aubree Bach with Chelsie Bach, and Queen Oakleigh Blaise Medlin with Charley Medlin.
LITTLE MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 4-5 YEARS – From left: Queen Emory Kate Douglas, 1st Maid Decklyn Fulton, 2nd Maid Blakely Grace Dodd, 3rd Maid Westlyn Anderson, Prettiest Eyes – Helen Fargo, Prettiest Hair – Mallarie (no last name given), and Prettiest Smile – Scarlett Elkins.
PETITE MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 6-9 YEARS – From left: Queen Ivy Jane Smith, 1st Maid Millie Hart, 2nd Maid Presley Rikard (prettiest hair), 3rd Maid Ava Kee, Prettiest Eyes – Addison Johnson, and Prettiest Smile – Gracie Hannah.
JUNIOR MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 10-12 YEARS – From left: Queen Eden Holladay, 1st Maid Jaylee Grace Baugus, 2nd Maid Charleigh Boggs, 3rd Maid Sadie Jo Thomas, Prettiest Hair – Jaylyn Spence, Prettiest Smile – Macey Whitfield, and Prettiest Eyes Winter Pirtle.
TEEN MISS BLUEGRASS AGES 13-15 YEARS – From left: Queen Piper DePriest, 1st Maid Riley Hairrell, 2nd Maid Katelyn Harris, 3rd Maid Paisley Phifer, Prettiest Smile – Megan Robins, Prettiest Eyes – Hayden Peek, and Prettiest Hair – Ava Tubbs.
MISS BLUEGRASS 2023 AGES 16-21 YEARS – From left: Prettiest Smile – Destiny Wilson, 1st Maid Lily Moore, 3rd Maid Taylor Quinn, 2nd Maid Haley Pinkley (prettiest eyes), and Queen Maggie Thompson (prettiest hair).

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