Maybe ghosts DO exist…

camden chronicle

I am the world’s biggest skeptic about the existence of ghosts. Since I wrote the column about the ghost at Read House Hotel in Chattanooga last week there have been some strange occurrences, some of which may have logical explanations.

The open window in the bedroom is an easy explanation. I opened it during the cool nights we were having. It was not a ghost.

But driving home from church Wednesday night the headlights seemed really dim. We never fiddle with the knob where one can change lights from off to on or “automatic” where they come on when the skies are at some degree of darkness. I noticed the headlights were not only really dim, but were turned off. How did that happen? It could’ve been the valet parking at the Read House. Or maybe it was the ghost of Annalisa playing tricks on us. It was daylight when we left and still light when we got home so maybe the valet was the culprit. Or maybe it was Annalisa?

When we got to talking about the light a friend said that somehow her sunroof on her car came open. She said she never opens it and no one else drives it. But when she got in there it was, open all the way. Hmm?

Others have said they saw a ghostly figure come right through the wall, stay a few minutes and then disappear into a wisp of air into the ceiling. What was that? Not a dream, she was wide awake.

I still admit that I have never seen a ghost but when I’m alone in the house there are a lot of creepy noises that occur ever so often. Is it our house settling? Or is it something else?
What is your opinion? Ever seen a ghost? Tell us about it.