Marijuana plants are still illegal

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Despite the popularity of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and products, Sheriff Kenny Christopher said his department is dedicated to eradicating the growth of illegal marijuana in the area. “We know people think that we are going to take it easy because there are legal hemp growers in the area, but the fact is, we are coming down harder on illegal drug activity. We realize there are some legal growers in the community and we know where they are. It is the people trying to grow under the radar with high THC levels that we are after and eventually will locate.”

Christopher delivered that warning just hours after Deputy Jeff Arnold spotted illegal plants growing at a residence on Marina Ridge Rd. Arnold was acting on a tip from an informant when he spotted marijuana growing in plain sight.

After securing a search warrant on July 21, Arnold returned to the residence with Sergeant Ron Netterville assisting. The deputies found several plants in various sizes growing under lights. The report stated, the investigators also found rolling papers, a glass pipe with residue, fertilizer, potting sik, Miracle-Gro and several firearms including a shotgun, rifle and muzzleloaders.

According to Christopher, the plants will be tested at the crime lab and once the owner of the property is tracked down, they will face multiple charges.

The sheriff said, “We will not go away. We will continue the fight on drugs in this county. It is our duty to our citizens and we take it very seriously.”

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