Making a dent in the war on drugs


The war on drugs in Benton County has admittingly been tough on the deputies and sheriff because according to Sheriff Kenny Christopher, “they always make more.” But a day like July 22nd can feel like a small dent can make a big difference.

Sergeant Ron Netterville was involved in the activities on that day, along with several other county deputies. It all started early morning when Netterville made a traffic stop. During the traffic stop because a tag light was out, Hailey Lowe, 31, was found with 3.5 grams of methamphetamines and 3 rocks of crack cocaine, according to the report.

During the interview process, Lowe said she had just left the residence at 160 Ginger Lane where she witnessed drug activity.

Later in the day, after obtaining a search warrant for the property located at 160 Ginger Lane, Netterville, along with Chief Deputy Jason Lowery, the sheriff, Sergeants Dan Clark and Matt Fry, and deputies, John Lambright, Chris Hatley, Bert Wells, and Jordan Murphy searched the location.

According to the report, multiple people were arrested at the residence, including, Jayson Johnson, 44, Erica Bradford, 35, Kathryn Jastrzembski, 34, and David Webb, 48. All four suspects were charged with: possession of schedule III, schedule VI, schedule IV, schedule VI liquid form, legend drug, schedule VI marijuana, schedule II methamphetamine, schedule II methadone, prohibited weapon and schedule II, oxymorphone.

Another individual, Toby McCauley, 43, was arrested on an out-of-county outstanding warrant.

Moments after making the arrests, dispatch notified the deputies that a woman was witnessed throwing a bag down near children playing a couple of blocks away. The report stated that the children took the bag to their parents after drug paraphernalia was found to be the contents.

In the bag, investigators reportedly found three methamphetamine pipes, hypodermic needles, and two bags containing marijuana.

The children described the female suspect to the deputies and a short time later they located a woman matching the description. Julie Rae Smothers, 39, was arrested after a search found her to be in possession of schedule II, methamphetamine, schedule IV, Xanax, schedule III, suboxone, schedule VI, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


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