Local Santa Claus featured in music video

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Featured as Santa during many local events and parades, Robert King has become known as Benton County’s Santa Claus. But, lately, jolly Ole’ St. Nick has expanded his reach.
King was invited to appear in a music video after an agent inquired for several Santas through a social media request. According to King, the agent needed 10 of the jolly fellow look-alikes. After making contact, King was selected as a winner.

In addition, King was asked to bring any extra Santa Claus suits that he had on hand. He showed up to the video shoot with a few to choose from. The music artist, Eddie Island, chose King and his extra suit for the video.

King said the shoot got under way early in the morning, around 5:30 a.m. He explained the day’s activities, “We were all excited to be a part of this video and the experience. The artist, Eddie Island, had shown up and the sun was right to begin the shoot. Luckily it was a cool day that day. We did a few hours of little dance moves, bowing, high fiving, and hugging with Eddie. We also took some shots in an old unique vehicle that you can see in the music video.”

The music video, “First Day” debuted on May 23.

About the artist, Eddie Island. He became one of the top 14 contestants in “American Idol” the most recent season. He is also an acclaimed songwriter and has produced the “Industry Standards” album.

To view the “First Day” music video, visit: https://youtu.be/d54wUkbCXHE or visit YouTube and search for Eddie Island and First Day. He also has a Facebook Page.

To learn more about Robert King, aka, Santa of the Magic Valley, refer to his Facebook page: @SantaoftheMagicValley.

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