Life is what we make of it

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David Coy 

Life today is filled with more stress, more uncertainty, and more sickness that plagues our lives than ever before. In the midst of all this turmoil we make plans for our life. This is normal and natural. We make plans for our vocation. We make plans for a family. We make plans for our future with our family. We make plans for safety and our future retirement. Yet, amid all this hope, expectation, and plans life changes around our expectations and plans. It is during these life changes especially the unexpected that can be the most challenging and overwhelming. We expect to live a long healthy and productive life, but that is just not guaranteed. How often have we heard a parent say their child is supposed to outlive their parent, but even that is not guaranteed.

Life is what we make of it especially during times of sorrow and tribulation. How we respond will influence and impact our future decisions and mentality. One thing is certain, if we prepare ourselves we can endure life’s unexpected and expected challenges. There is life beyond our sorrows and a purpose for us yet to fulfill. We need to keep on believing, keep on living with determination and purpose that we still have a reason to exist and others who need us to continue. There are people close by that are able to walk with us in our journey with grief and all our times of trials and challenges.

Here at the Sunrise Aftercare program we are prepared to provide all who desire someone to walk with them in their journey with grief or may desire grief support group assistance. There is no cost and no time limit. We can be a listening ear of consolation for as needed.

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