Inspiring Ideas for What To Do With a Spare Bedroom

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Inspiring Ideas for What To Do With a Spare Bedroom

Do you have an extra spare bedroom in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Let us help you navigate the choices for the most spectacular options. We’ve created some inspiring ideas for what to do with a spare bedroom, and you must try one out.

Pet Den

If you have pets, maybe they need their own room, too. The spare bedroom in your home could house all the necessary items you need as a pet owner. This can even be a space they stay in when you’re away.

Rentable Airbnb

Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular. Many younger generations are choosing an Airbnb over a hotel because it’s cheaper, and you get an experience at an Airbnb you can’t find anywhere else. Turn the spare bedroom into a vacation escape for guests and make extra money on the side.

Entertainment and Media Room

This option goes out to all you media lovers, whether you enjoy movies, tv shows, books, etc. Turn the extra space into a welcoming entertainment atmosphere. Fill up the room with media essentials, and you’ll never want to leave. Examples include a large television, high-quality lounging furniture, and dimmable lights.

Dressing Room

Sometimes, a walk-in closet isn’t big enough. Turn the spare bedroom into a glamorous dressing room. You could install curtain rods for extra wardrobe space and mirrors and other organizers to hold smaller accessories.

Home Gym

No one said you need a huge gym to get a good workout. Lay out all your equipment around the room and create a gym with zero distractions. Now, you can focus on your exercises and quickly get your workout in for the day.

Music Studio

Make a music studio out of that spare bedroom. This can be your escape from reality to create music and play your instruments. Install sound blocking materials to avoid bothering the whole house with your loud noises.

Kids’ Play Area

You might be sick of random toys lying all over the house. Putting the toys in a single room will keep the rest of your home clean and occupy your kids for a short time. Also, you could add a small desk or two to create a nook for your kids to do homework in.

Play around with these inspiring ideas for what to do with a spare bedroom until you find the perfect match. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to be permanent; you can easily redecorate the space to fit any of these ideas. Never let an empty room go to waste and create something unique the whole family can appreciate.

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