Industries You Didn’t Know Were Going Green

Industries You Didn’t Know Were Going Green

Everyone knows that the automobile industry has been trying to go green for years. These manufacturers have been developing hybrid vehicles that use less gas throughout the 21st century. However, this industry isn’t the only one trying to reduce its carbon footprint. Below are some industries you didn’t know were going green.

Metal Fabrication

You probably don’t realize how often you come into contact with metalworking. Fabricators manipulate metals into shapes put in the cars we drive and the buildings we visit every day. Since the demand for their work is so high, shop supervisors have tried to reduce their energy output and embrace the benefits of becoming a sustainable fabrication business. Shop owners can:

  • Use hybrid cutting machines that use less energy than their CO2 counterparts.
  • Develop smart waste programs instead of just throwing things in a landfill.
  • Have fabricators work together to spend less energy and time.


You probably don’t think of banks when you think of sustainability. However, larger corporations, like Bank of America, are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Some ATMs have smaller receipts to reduce waste. Bank of America is also focusing on developing lightweight ATMs that use less energy.

The Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is also trying to reduce the waste it produces. Millions of people throw out packages that end up sitting in landfills for years—and the beverage field is trying to change this. Coca-Cola, for example, has started packaging its items with sustainable materials. Restaurants are also doing their part to be eco-friendly by not offering plastic straws to customers.

These are just a few of the many industries you didn’t know were going green. The reality is, there are plenty more businesses out there trying to reduce their environmental impact. Supervisors should take lessons from the industries listed above. Remember, sustainability takes a collective effort. All of us are responsible for looking after the planet.


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