How To Transform Your Fire Pit Into a Grill

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How To Transform Your Fire Pit Into a Grill

With the right tools, you can cook all the same foods over a fire pit that you would on a grill. There are several options for outdoor grilling over your backyard or campsite fire pit. Learn how to transform your fire pit into a grill with just a few different campfire accessories.

Go Classic With Skewers

The classic way to enjoy hot dogs, brats, and sweets like marshmallows is to use roasting skewers or forks. You can even use some materials scattered around your backyard or camp if you find a sturdy enough branch or stick. However, natural materials will break or burn easily, so use caution when handling these. Professional roasting forks are usually made of stainless steel and other heat-resistant materials to last bonfire after bonfire.

Place a Grill Grid

With a grill grid, you gain the ability to cook all your favorite grilled recipes over the fire pit. You can place a grill grid over the top of deep fire pits like circular and smokeless models. If your campfire doesn’t have a flat opening to support a grill grid, you can find a suspended model that hangs over the flames to cook your ingredients. You’ll need to alter the cooking times from your average grill, so be sure to use a meat thermometer to accurately gauge when your ingredients are meant to come off the grill.

Use a Fire Pit Rotisserie

If your fire pit doesn’t support a grill grid, you can also invest in a campfire rotisserie. These devices offer another way to suspend food over your fire pit. A rotisserie is great for slow roasting everything from whole chickens to corn on the cob over your fire pit. There are several types of campfire rotisserie—some that you can operate by hand and ones with a motor to keep your food spinning. Once again, when cooking meat on the fire, always use a meat thermometer to gauge the internal temperature and check that it’s cooked through.

With these tools, you can turn your fire pit into a grill that’s perfect for outdoor cookouts. Just remember to clean up any food messes and perform regular metal campfire maintenance. This will keep your fire pit ready for your next meal and save time on cleanup later.

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