How to Tell If Your Antiques Are Worth Something

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When you have antique items, there is always a chance they may be worth more than you think. Before throwing them in the trash or handing them off, look for signs they may be of significant value. Here is a quick guide on how to tell your antiques are worth something.

Assess your piece

The first piece of the appraisal puzzle is inspecting your item. Look over it very carefully while focusing your attention on finding marks or signature. These aspects may provide some hint into what the piece is, who made it, or where it originally came from. Avoid the common mistake of taking family heirloom tales as fact—most stories become embellished over the years. As such, it can’t hurt to double check and inspect a piece (even if your great grandmother swears a famous figure made it).

Do some research

Once you find any markings, start researching what you know. This may seem like an intensive process, but your task here shouldn’t be too difficult. Going online to antique publications and message boards will help you find more obscure items. Additionally, a simple search engine search should populate results for more common items that have similar markings.

Try to find an item that matches your item’s description and condition for a better idea of what yours may be worth. It’s never good to head to an antique appraisal without any research or information. Do enough research that you have an idea of what to expect form appraisers.

What do to next

Once you determine your antique item is worth some money, consider what you want to do with it—you can keep it or sell it. Try not to let outside forces influence your decision here. The decision to rid your home of a treasured item is no small feat. If, however, you do decide to sell, make sure you get a fair price. Internet buyers are typically out for a deal and will offer low amounts. Direct deals typically make more money, however, they can be more difficult to arrange. If you must ship the item to its new owner, you should consider the factors of transporting high-value items, as they typically require special care and insurance.

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