January 29, 2023

How To Teach Piano To a Group of Students

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How To Teach Piano To a Group of Students

No one would disagree with the fact that teaching a student one-on-one is much easier than teaching a group. However, most situations do not allow you to always give each student in your music class individual attention. Thankfully there are many ways to teach piano to a group of students that efficiently utilizes your teaching skills for the best of everyone.

Break Into Groups

If your group is large, you might consider separating students into pairs. When your students are in smaller groups, their engagement with the subject material will significantly increase.

Moreover, you can provide your piano buddies with material they can only learn with one another. For example, consider having your students work on a duet, as it will teach them how to collaborate on a challenging piece of music.

Use a Piano Teaching App

As an instructor, planning the first piano lesson of the year can come with anxiety, as you want to ensure you include everything you should. Unfortunately, as one teacher, you can only spend a limited amount of time with each class. What’s more, the time you have available in the classroom isn’t sufficient to provide each of your students with the necessary instruction they need to progress.

As such, your students will need to dedicate practice time outside of the classroom. However, you won’t be able to watch them during this time to ensure they don’t make any mistakes. That is why you should consider using a piano teaching app to assist you in teaching piano to a group of students. An app can provide guidance to your students when you are not available.

The Importance of Layout

Many instructors can disregard the importance of classroom layout to produce a learning environment that entices students to focus rather than daydream the time away. Try to keep any pianos away from distracting areas in the classroom, such as windows and doorways. Moreover, when you arrange your piano desks, it is be best to leave ample room behind each student, so you can easily provide instruction.

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