How to Open Your Own Daycare Business

How to Open Your Own Daycare Business

Childcare is rewarding work. When you decide to work in the daycare industry, you’re signing up to help raise our future. Working with children is also hard work that requires meeting a lot of regulations. People are protective of their children and want to know they’re leaving their bundles of joy with the right person. If you’re looking to get into the childcare business, check out this simple guide on how to open your own daycare business.

Learn about licensing requirements

Every state has different licensing requirements for different roles within a childcare business and for the business itself. Look into the different laws and required licensing within your state. Invest in the required certifications and licenses and strongly consider the optional, recommended ones. These can help you stand out from the sea of childcare options parents have today.

Choose a location and prepare it

Now that you’ve found out your licensing requirements and begun to work on achieving these milestones, it’s time to think about the future. You need a space to house the children you plan to care for. If you want to run a daycare business out of your home, make sure to check the laws and tax implications of this decision, as these can differ based on state and city regulations. If you choose a location out of home, make sure it’s in a safe environment for kids.

Once you’ve chosen your space, you need to set it up for children. Invest in books and toys and paint the walls fun bright colors. You also will need cribs and changing stations if you plan to take in babies or infants. Remember that kids are often messy, so any furniture you invest in may benefit from being covered by a slipcover to protect them from the wrath of the tiny, sticky hands.

Bonus Tip: If you do put covers on your furniture, secure them properly to prevent any suffocation hazards for the children.

Find clientele

With your licenses in order and your location set up and ready for little ones, it’s time to market your business and search for clients. Post your ads online and on message boards for new parents, parents looking for care, and caregiving websites. Many parents use these types of sites to find childcare. You can also reach out to people you know within the community and see if any of them know people looking for reliable childcare. Getting the word out there that your daycare is here to stay is the most important piece of the client acquisition puzzle.


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