How to Make Your Business Greener

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“Going green” has become a catchphrase for instituting a variety of practices, from recycling to changing the source of electricity. It’s also a way to save money. Learn how to make your business greener.

Conserve Energy

Switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, which can last 5 times longer than other bulbs and don’t contain toxic mercury. You can increase available natural light with energy-efficient windows or skylights. Replace older appliances like refrigerators and dishwashes with newer, more energy-efficient models. Take advantage of available tax incentives for adding insulation, solar panels, or other incentives to save electricity. Consider switching to an alternative energy supplier and using a green web hosting provider that also uses renewable energy sources and takes other steps to offset the effect of running their servers and related equipment.

Conserve Water

Areas that experience frequent or increasing flooding sometimes discount the need for saving water – but municipal water management that provides clean, drinkable water comes at a price. Using less water lowers your water bill and helps conserve the clean water supply during droughts.

Ban Plastic Bottles and Recycle Paper

Most people are used to the idea of a personal, reusable water bottle. Buying bottled water for your employees has become an unnecessary expense. Provide branded or personalized reusable bottles. While disposable utensils and cups have become necessary due to health concerns, reusable, personal water bottles could be used safely if employees bring a full bottle from home or have a sanitary filtered water dispensing system that prevents contamination between bottles.

More and more businesses go green by going paperless. Those that still must operate with paper can use post-consumer waste (PCW) paper which comes entirely from recycled sources.

Plant Trees

Trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. They provide shade that helps conserve energy. Trees are like natural air filters, and greenspace around the workplace refreshes employees on breaks.

Work Remotely

The pandemic has revealed to may companies how seamlessly they can operate with employees working from home. Allowing as many employees as possible to work from home reduces commuting and the associated emissions from cars.

For employees who must work from an office, make it easy for them to walk or cycle to work. Provide locking bike racks and work with local authorities to provide bike lanes and bike paths along roads leading to the workplace or from public transportation stations to the office.

Businesses that go green contribute to the well-being of their communities and save money. Explore additional sustainable business practices to make the world a cleaner, greener place, both locally and beyond.

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