How To Make a Commercial Building More Inviting

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The state of your business’s building can communicate a lot to visitors. If it appears unkempt or dilapidated, people may form negative impressions about your company long before they interact with you. Take note of how to make a commercial building more inviting so that you can convey professionalism. Your employees will also appreciate working in a pleasant atmosphere.

Put Effort Into Landscaping

Similar to residential properties, your commercial building can benefit from some pleasant landscaping. Include beautiful trees, hedges, and lawns to bring a softer side to the entrance. Even in winter, trees and shrubs can add an element of nature to an otherwise drab environment. Landscaping could also include forming attractive walkways from the parking lot into the building, setting down lights to serve both decorative and practical functions, and building fountains or other water features. When people see these things, they’ll feel more at ease as they enter your building.

Maintain the Parking Lot

The parking lot plays a crucial role in making a commercial building more inviting. A rundown parking lot can be difficult to drive through and appear generally off-putting. Many also associate poorly maintained parking lots with dangerous conditions because criminals may hide around them, especially at night. Therefore, you should perform maintenance on your parking lot to keep it safe and presentable. Clean up trash and stains, and repair cracks and potholes to prevent damage to vehicles that use it.

Another option is to construct an automated parking structure in place of the lot. Automated parking systems have storage spaces that people can’t enter. Instead, the system takes in cars using mechanical platforms. This kind of feature can definitely boost the image people have of your business while also mitigating the usual parking maintenance needs.

Keep the Inner Spaces Clean

Of course, the inside of your commercial building also affects how welcoming it feels. Seek to keep the entrance, restrooms, and other spaces clean to make spending time there agreeable for everyone. The more orderly your interior halls and rooms are, the more people will trust and regard your business. The level of neatness will reflect on how much care you put into your work. Look for an excellent janitorial service that will thoroughly clean your building, and make sure that you and your employees keep clutter to a minimum.

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