How To Maintain Your Anti-Lock Brake System

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Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are vital to vehicle safety. This system helps drivers maintain control when stopping during rough conditions or at high speeds. Without ABS, drivers run the risk of losing control of their vehicle in dangerous situations, such as when driving in snowy weather or coming to an abrupt stop when traveling at high speeds. Follow these tips for how to maintain your anti-lock brake system to make sure you always have control of your car.   

Avoid Overusing ABS   

Driver’s should not depend on ABS for all driving scenarios. ABS is a last resort for emergency scenarios only. The best thing you can do to maintain your ABS is to drive carefully by giving yourself more space to stop behind other vehicles and driving cautiously in hazardous conditions. By implementing safe driving habits, you won’t need to use your ABS until it’s necessary, and the system will be ready to handle the situation.  

Keep Your Brakes Clean  

Clean brakes allow for ABS to function properly when needed. Manually clean the brakes on your car by spraying them down and wiping off excess dirt and ensure they always have adequate brake fluid. Doing so will help maintain the brakes’ overall integrity, which will improve the anti-lock braking system as well.  

Calibrate High-Speed Sensors  

ABS speed sensors predict how quickly your vehicle is moving. Over time, these sensors can become misaligned. Each car make and model will have a different calibration method using the vehicle’s computer system, and it can be challenging for the average vehicle owner to calibrate the sensors on their own. Bring your car in once a year to have a professional calibrate your speed sensors.  

Anti-lock braking systems are imperative to driver safety. Follow these steps to maintain your anti-lock braking systems and look out for signs your ABS pump is failing to ensure you stay safe and in control on the road. 

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