How to Keep Trespassers off Your Property

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In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to worry about unwanted visitors attempting to enter our homes. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality, and you want to put up deterrents that will help you maintain privacy and safety. Fortify your home by learning how to keep trespassers off your property with these different methods.


An initial way to communicate that you do not want anyone entering your property uninvited is to put up a “No Trespassing” sign. You might think that such a sign wouldn’t be useful in stopping someone with their mind set on intruding, but it serves another purpose in addition to warning people. If a trespasser is caught by authorities and has to stand trial, they may attempt to act as if they were unaware that they were trespassing on private land to avoid charges. With a sign clearly posted at the borders of your property, however, they cannot make this case.


People tend to control their behavior a lot more if they feel that they are being watched. Installing a visible camera system can discourage home invasion and can allow you to see outside more clearly, especially when you don’t want to risk getting near the windows where someone might be trying to look in. With the recording functions that a camera system will provide, you will also have the ability to find out what happened if someone does come onto your property or into your house.


Putting up a sturdy, tall fence around your property’s perimeter creates a physical barrier that would-be trespassers will have difficulty getting past. You should choose your fencing materials to make it hard for an interloper to break through. Materials such as metal, stone, or composites are good choices for this purpose, as they are hard-wearing. A durable fence will also keep away those who won’t recognize the warnings of signs or cameras, namely animals. Neither wild animals like deer nor your neighbor’s dog will continue to have access to your yard, preventing them from ruining your landscaping or dirtying the area.

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