How To Improve Lighting In the Kitchen

How To Improve Lighting In the Kitchen

Few things are as frustrating to a chef as poor lighting in the kitchen where they prepare food. And with so many sharp objects and hot surfaces, it’s easy to understand why. The problem of low visibility in the kitchen is not limited to professionals. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to brighten up your cooking area. Here are a few tips for how to improve lighting in the kitchen.

Reflect the Light

An easy way to add lighting to the kitchen is to increase what’s already there. Replacing the fixtures on cabinetry, drawers, and doors with more reflective metals can improve the lighting situation. These fixtures include knobs, pulls, handles, and hinges. Another way to reflect lighting into the kitchen comes from adding mirrors to the wall to serve as decoration and function.

Play With Colors

Another option to consider is adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls and cabinetry in a lighter shade can brighten the kitchen considerably. You can also use pops of color throughout the room to create light. The visual distinction this makes draws the eyes to the colors, brightening the space.

Update the Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is also an option when looking at how to improve lighting in the kitchen. Similar to repainting, using a brighter shade for the backsplash tiles can change how the room appears. Amplifying this effect is the tile’s reflective surface that redirects light back out to the rest of the kitchen.

Additional Lighting

Of course, adding additional lighting is also an option when you want to brighten the kitchen. There are many benefits to recessed lighting that makes it worth considering for your kitchen. However, they can be challenging to install without the proper experience. Pendant lighting is also an option but does create obstacles that will require additional consideration during the interior design phase.

Change Your Bulbs

Finally, consider if changing the lightbulbs will be enough to brighten the space. Many new lightbulbs are much more energy efficient and generate a brighter glow. Swapping old incandescent bulbs for new CFL or LED ones can help create the additional visibility you need.


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