How To Give Your Dog More Playtime

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You may find it difficult to make time for even the most important members of the household—our pets. Dogs require a lot of attention, but if your life suddenly gets a lot busier, spending time with them and giving them all the attention they need becomes a challenge. Don’t let your life get in the way of your dog’s happiness—learn how to give your dog more playtime and keep their tail wagging every day, even when you’re busy.

Spend Your Breaks With Your Dog

If you’re working from home right now, your dog may be confused about why you’re home and not spending any time with them. Whenever you take a break or step away from your computer for a moment, interact with your favorite canine companion. Take them on a short walk around the block, run around in the yard with them, or simply get on the floor and scratch your dog’s belly. Not only will they enjoy the interaction, but you’ll also get a boost to your mood by making them one happy pooch.

Consider Taking Your Dog to Daycare

Unless you own multiple dogs, your dog may not get to interact with other pets on a daily basis. Socialization is important for their training and their entertainment. Leaving your dog at a doggy daycare can provide your dog with plenty of safe socialization opportunities throughout the day, from both humans and other dogs.

You may even find a dog daycare that offers boarding; boarding your dog can be an excellent vacation for them that allows your pet to live among other dogs for a few days. If you already know everything about your dog boarder, the process will prove easier for both you and your precious pup.

Supply Your Dog With Entertaining Toys

Knowing how to give your dog more playtime also means knowing how your dog gets the most out of their playtime. Entertaining toys that stimulate their mind are essential tools for a successful playtime experience. Try hiding their favorite chew toys around the house along with a treat, or hide a treat-dispensing toy somewhere for them to sniff out. Increase the difficulty each time and make a game out of playtime.

Your dog may also enjoy watching TV. Put on a few different channels throughout the day and see if the pup responds differently to any of them—they may appreciate nature documentaries the most.

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