How To Dress Appropriately for Spring While Hiking

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How To Dress Appropriately for Spring While Hiking

Establishing a hiking wardrobe is challenging, and when the shifts of spring creep in, it can become even more difficult. Spring brings fluctuating temperatures and an uptick of apparel confusion. What you wear in the mornings might not work by mid-afternoon. Throw a physical activity into the mix, and where do you begin?

Here are a few tips on how to dress appropriately for spring while hiking that may help you settle the dilemma once and for all!

Invest in Quality Pants

It feels natural to gravitate toward shorts due to the lengthy time you’ve spent in pants all winter. But proceed with caution because spring can also send a chilly wind from time to time.

Consider a pair of functional, lightweight pants that allow free-flow movement and breathability. Things like yoga pants, zip-away cargos, and UV protection pants are the most suitable options for spring weather.

Remember Your Layers

The best way to handle spring is by layering. Start with a base layer t-shirt and build up with a moisture-wicking quarter-zip or lightweight outerwear.

You should keep in mind that the temperatures will fluctuate the higher you go in altitude. Having layers on will help regulate your body’s temperature as the environment changes. Essential outdoor outerwear for women and men, such as all-purpose pullovers or waterproof jackets, can help you keep these shifts at bay.

Pack a Bag With Extras

Almost everyone hikes with a backpack of some kind. This is the best container for snacks, water, and extra clothing. If you remove a layer, you can place it in the backpack. And you can take it out again whenever you need it later.

It’s best to consider bringing extra socks and rain gear. A good rule of thumb is to think about the things you might regret not bringing and throw them in the bag to be safe.

This is how to dress appropriately for spring while hiking. Keep this one thing in mind: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing. Utilize your backpack, and remember to be comfortable.

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