How to Cope with Perimenopause and Keep Comfortable

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Perimenopause, or the transition into menopause, is a stressful time for all women. Between trying to understand symptoms like hot flashes to frantically searching for ways to mitigate them, the process can feel endless. It’s for these reasons that it’s crucial to find effective ways to cope with physical changes and adapt your lifestyle to better foster comfort through the shift. Learn how to best cope with your perimenopause symptoms and get back to enjoying life.

Keep Active

Staying active is one of the best ways to ease the frequency of your perimenopause symptoms and make them less distressing when they do occur. This is because your body has more outlets to release toxins and gather strength while you exercise. Strengthening your body means you also reduce your risk for developing other health issues such as cardiovascular disease.

Monitor Your Diet

As you get older, it’s only natural that you can’t eat the same junk food you did when you were younger. Since our bodies can’t handle high amounts of sugar, fat, or sodium anymore, it’s crucial to start paying more attention to what we eat. For women beginning menopause, it’s recommended that you adopt a diet high in calcium and limit your consumption of things such as alcohol.

Establish a Regular Sleep Schedule

When a person lacks enough sleep, their overall health conditions can begin to worsen and make it more difficult to stay comfortable. As such, it’s important that women in perimenopause put in the extra effort to get enough sleep each night. Establishing a regular sleep schedule will get your body the rest it needs while supplying it with the means to fight back against some of your symptoms.

Get Advice from Your Doctor

If you aren’t finding as much relief as you need, you can also reach out to your doctor for advice. Some women experience symptoms longer than normal and require specific treatments to ease their discomfort. However, and more commonly, a doctor can also give you other ideas for coping, such as taking a multivitamin.

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