How To Conceal Ugly Items Outside Your Home

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How To Conceal Ugly Items Outside Your Home

Let’s face it—most of life’s mechanical comforts and conveniences aren’t very attractive. While things such as cars, lamps, and other devices are easy to make look great, other things, such as air conditioning condensers, garbage bins, and more, are harder to enjoy. If you’re tired of looking at awkward home additions, read on to discover a few handy tips on how to conceal ugly items outside your home. Some require a little TLC and DIY, but most are easy to achieve.

Garbage Can Corrals

Plumbing and garbage bins are likely the most indispensable things in and around our homes. Without them, we’d be up to our necks in unhealthy waste and old items. While plumbing gets to hide behind the walls and under the floors, garbage bins are just out there. These unsightly essentials are also subject to invasion by vermin.

If you’re tired of wrangling uninvited guests and looking at unappealing garbage cans, take time to create a garbage bin corral. A corral is a simple wooden enclosure with an easily unlatched door. This corral keeps the bins out of sight and protects them from raccoons, rats, mice, and other vermin. Cedarwood can provide a much nicer smell as well!

Utility Box Screens

Utility boxes, gas meters, and similar contrivances are inarguably necessary things. But unless you enjoy an industrial aesthetic, they look a bit gray and clunky. Fortunately, there are no rules against giving them a new paint job that complements your home’s exteriors. But remember to use rust-preventing paint, and don’t paint over any vents, screens, or see-through covers. You can also set up a secured but easily removable folding screen to cover it up until the next meter reading. Be sure to paint the screen to ensure it resists rain, snow, and other bad weather.

Hidden HVAC

Whether you have mini splits, window units, or an HVAC system with an outdoor condenser, you may love that cool and warm air but hate the mechanical look of the appliances. Fortunately, so long as you keep the vents clear, you can easily and safely corral or screen away your unit. In fact, there are dozens of ways to disguise your HVAC system with little fuss.

Hide a Hose

Here’s the last of our sundry tips on how to conceal ugly items outside your home. All summer long, you’ll probably have to drag out the garden hose to water the plants, wash the car, or set up the sprinkler for the kids. Unfortunately, we may find ourselves leaving the hose on the ground when we finish using it, which can look unappealing and damage the hose. The easiest answer is to attach a hook or other holder to the side of the house. However, you should consider purchasing a large pot where you can wind up and leave the hose when it’s not in use. Or, if you’re handy, you can create a dispensing session that lets the hose remain attached to the faucet while allowing you to pull out the rest of it as needed.

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