How To Clean Things in Your House That Are Hard To Clean

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We all like a nice, clean house, but few of us enjoy the process it takes to get there. This is especially true when coming to grips with items in your house that are difficult to clean. These things are awkwardly shaped, don’t lend themselves to a thorough soaking, or are just too gross to touch. Fortunately, we’ve discovered how to clean things in your house that are hard to clean.

Cup Holders

The cup holders in the car accumulate all sorts of “gunk,” from dust and dirt to dried soft drinks. They’re gross, but it isn’t exactly easy to get into the narrow space with a rag to clean it out. A simple way to clean the gunk out without straining your wrist is to take a clean sock and dip it in a cleaning solution. Wrap the sock around a can and put it in the cupholder. From there, all you have to do is twist the can until all the dirt and debris are gone.

Massage Chairs

Cleaning normal armchairs is difficult enough. But once you add electricity and machinery to the mix, it’s even more challenging. Fortunately, cleaning your massage chair isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Most chairs come with a tag that instructs you on how to clean them. Make sure you unplug the chair first and then vacuum it thoroughly. After that, how you go about cleaning the chair will depend on its material. Typically, it will involve using a mild soap with water or a baking soda solution.

Shower Mats

Shower mats fall under the category of things we would rather not touch. This is especially true if you have mold growing on yours. Typically, you can clean mold with a good dose of bleach. Simply pour a bleach and water mixture into the tub with the mat, allow the mat to sit, and scrub it well. Rather not touch it? You can also put it into the washing machine with bleach. Adding a few white towels into the mix will make your wash even more effective.

Cleaning things that are hard to clean is no one’s idea of a good time. But once you get it done, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and enjoy your deep-cleaned house even more.

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