How To Be the Best Landlord

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Whether you’re experienced or just beginning your landlord career, it never hurts to have some reminders about how to be the best landlord. Never fool yourself into thinking that how you relate to tenants doesn’t matter. The way issues are handled, communication, and the level of respect all play a big role in renters deciding if they’ll renew their lease and recommend your property. Remain empathetic and consider the tenant’s feelings as you encounter the following issues.

Understand Rental Property Laws

Understanding the laws prevents a lot of issues from occurring in the first place. Tenants expect their landlord to know the ins and outs of rental laws, and they put their trust in you accordingly.


As a landlord, communicate regularly with your tenants. When messages are left, respond quickly and politely. Put yourself in your tenants’ shoes to help yourself understand their thoughts or frustrations.

Good landlords who patiently listen will eventually receive calls just to say, “Thank you,” or “You’re a great landlord!” A little effort goes a long way.

Maintain the Property

Maintenance is a landlord’s number one nemesis. Stay organized and keep communication lines open to best maintain your property’s maintenance needs.

Keep regular maintenance on a strict schedule to avoid emergencies, and be sure there’s a clear understanding between yourself and tenants regarding what constitutes a maintenance emergency.


Compassion is having concern for another’s feelings. As a landlord, this means listening and getting a clear understanding of what a tenant is going through.

Maybe a tenant who’s never been late on rent for two years straight is suddenly hospitalized and misses a rental payment. Compassion is understanding the situation and setting selfishness aside. In this case, it’s politely accepting the late payment and maybe even checking in on the tenant when they return home.


Everyone deserves respect, including those renting your property.

Give tenants the privacy they deserve, and they’ll appreciate and respect your thoughtfulness. Don’t enter homes without permission or when maintenance is needed; understand certain times of the day may not work well for them.

In conclusion, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be the best landlord around. It simply takes a good person with patience, compassion, and understanding.

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