How Furniture Affects the Mood In an Office

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One of the essential tasks for anybody furnishing their office is to use the pieces to help set the tone for the rest of the room. While function is still a crucial component, the way you decorate and the materials you use can say a lot about what a person can expect when they step in to meet with you. Here’s how furniture affects the mood in an office.


Color has an impact on everything, especially the way we are supposed to feel upon viewing it. Intentional or not, colors bring up emotions, so it’s vital to be selective when making your furniture decisions. In an office setting, there are several popular color options. For example, people associate the color black with power and authority, making it ideal for somebody who wants to make a strong, bold statement. Brown, another popular office selection, is often used to convey warmth and comfort to your guests. No matter what mood you want to set, there is a color selection for it.


Another method used to set the mood in an office is with the materials you use for your furniture. The way we feel cozy and warm in a room with wood furniture illustrates this point. One of the many reasons people buy leather furniture is because it exudes a sense of class and elegance that other materials find hard to match. Similarly, a glass desk gives visions of clarity and serenity. It’s all up to how you choose to use the materials.


The role of ergonomics on mood may sound like it doesn’t belong at first but it’s actually rather important. The reason being is that it can be incredibly painful not to consider. And if you are in pain, the chances are high for your mood to be sour. The study of workplace efficiency by employees is responsible for many innovations that make everyday work life much more tolerable.


The layout of the furniture is also capable of impacting our mood. For example, a giant executive chair behind a solid oak wooden desk presents a much different dynamic than two lounge chairs with a coffee table in between. Another part of how furniture affects the mood in an office has to do with movement. If the furniture creates awkward paths or is in odd patterns, it can impact the room’s mood, turning it dour.

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