High-End Life: The Top Features in Luxury Homes

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High-End Life: The Top Features in Luxury Homes

The high-end life comes with a comfortable and convenient home. If you’re curious about lavish properties, check out the top features in luxury homes. You may immediately want to schedule renovations to make your space more deluxe!

A Residential Elevator

An ongoing theme in luxury homes is convenience, so a residential elevator is a convenient addition to multi-floor homes. In many cases, those with disabilities and older adults have residential elevators to make the home more accessible. The best part is that elevators range in styles and finishes to match the home’s aesthetic.

Luxury Entertainment Room

Most homes have entertainment areas. However, not all of them have luxury entertainment rooms. Expect to see large TVs with surround sound speakers. Talk about a movie theater experience! Depending on the homeowner’s taste, the rooms may also have gaming consoles, arcade games, or billiards tables.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom

You can’t forget about the bathroom! Another top feature in luxury homes is spa-inspired bathrooms with high-end amenities, like heated floors, a steam shower, and a marble bathtub. Amenities like these allow people to relax in their personal oasis. Also, small touches like plush towels, a cozy rug, and a luxury shower caddy add to the luxurious atmosphere.

Restaurant-Quality Kitchen

The kitchen is another room that deserves a professional and luxurious atmosphere. So you’ll often find restaurant-quality kitchens in expensive homes. The area has top-of-the-line appliances, like a modern gas stove, smart refrigerator, and stainless-steel tools. Also, expect to see lavish touches, such as high-quality kitchen faucets near granite composite sinks.

You’ll also find unique items like warming drawers (to keep food warm before serving meals), double ovens, and a wine refrigerator. Imagine making 5-star restaurant quality meals in a luxurious kitchen!

Outdoor Living Area

When the weather is nice, entertaining guests outside is a wonderful idea. Many outdoor living areas have outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens. Additionally, outdoor furniture and fire pits make the area comfortable.

Home Gym

Why purchase a gym membership when you can create an at-home fitness center? Many high-end homes have home gyms with various types of equipment; treadmills, stationary bikes, weight racks, and ellipticals are all popular features in the room. At-home fitness rooms offer privacy and a guaranteed turn on your favorite piece of equipment!

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