Fun Fermented Drinks You Can Make at Home

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We have all seen the explosion of fun and exciting fermented beverages in our grocery stores lately. Or you might have also heard a friend or coworker talking about their latest concoction that they created right in their home. That may have piqued your interest and prompted you to think that if they can do it, you can too. That is certainly true, as you can make so many interesting drinks all on your own. As such, you should know about some of the most fun and popular fermented drinks you can make right at home.


It’s quite likely that you’ve had a sip of delicious kombucha before since it has grown considerably in popularity. This drink is so popular due to its numerous health benefits, as it’s quite high in probiotics and antioxidants that help keep your gut healthy and fight inflammation.

Kombucha is technically a tea because you use black tea and sugar as the base to ferment it. This drink also has a unique, tangy flavor with a fizzy texture countless people enjoy. The best part is that you can use a wide variety of juices or fruits to make your kombucha, so the flavor options are endless.


You’ve heard of moonshine, but have you heard of honeyshine? This drink has many similarities to moonshine. However, the difference is in the sweet element, as you use honey for fermentation. When you use honey as the sweetener that the microorganisms in your drink will break down, you get a true honeyshine.

If you want to create this delicious beverage, you need to know one of the most important tips for distilling honey into honeyshine. That is to ensure you obtain the proper permits, as alcohol distillation is illegal without a permit.

Water Kefir

Water kefir is an incredibly fun fermented drink you can make at home that’s on the rise in popularity. You’ve probably had kefir before, which is a thin fermented milk drink that contains a subtle, sweet, and sour flavor combination. Water kefir utilizes a similar method to make kefir, but the difference is that it’s dairy free. As such, you’ll get a light, cooling, and refreshing fizzy beverage rich in probiotics.

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