Friday nights

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It is football time in Tennessee!

That phrase applies not only to the collegiate sports but also to the many high school programs.

Those who need to find someone Friday night need to look no further than the high school stadium. If the lights are on and the loud speaker is going then there is a good bet that is where they can be found.

High school football season kicks off in most areas this Friday and the games continue through October and into November for those teams good enough to make it to the TSSAA state playoffs.

High school sports is big in this part of the state. Running alongside high school football is high school volleyball, a growing sport.

The student athletes need our support. A standing-room-only crowd at the football stadium or in the gym is much more encouraging than a half-empty one.

We encourage all to get out to the games each week and support the players, the cheerleaders and the marching band. These are our future leaders. Wouldn’t it be great if there were enough local job opportunities for them after graduation?

Check the newspaper for the schedules and to find out more about the teams.

Oh, be sure to wear your school colors! If you don’t have anything to wear, then there are ample outlets to buy just the right shirts, caps and other fan apparel.

High school sports! It doesn’t get any better.

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