First Car Show Display Tips to Know

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Auto shows are extravagant events where vehicle owners display their favorite rides for public viewing. This can include trucks, planes, boats, motorcycles, or, most commonly, cars. While auto shows are popular tourist attractions, they also serve as communal events for those involved. Anyone interested in presenting their ride must read these first car show display tips to know.

Clean Inside and Out

You should always prepare the interior and exterior of your car before a show. This can range from tidying up to a complete deep cleaning. When cleaning the interior, it’s important you use the right supplies. Depending on the upholstery, use a volatile cleaner or warm water and soap for fabric or vinyl, respectively. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom of the car, and always start at the front and finish at the back. Don’t forget to wash your carpet and floor mats. Finally, remember to clean your trunk if you plan to show this off. For your exterior, use car soap and wax for the appropriate shine. Clean under your hood as this will be looked at the most. It won’t hurt to bring cleaning supplies with at the show, like a bucket, washing towel, detail spray, and glass cleaner so that your car looks spotless from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

Show What’s Under the Hood

After you’ve cleaned it, pop open the hood and show off the engine and inner mechanics. Spectators want to see the engine most since this is your car’s main power source. It doesn’t matter if you have a V6 or V8—people want to see what makes the car move so well and sound so smooth. Replace any cracked or brittle hoses and replace any peeling electrical tape for a clean, maintained look. Your engine bay should be as spotless as the rest of your vehicle. This will give the perfect aesthetic and leave people breathless.

List the Specifications

Granted, you cannot physically show off every car specification or modification, so it’s important to list them. Make a poster of your vehicle’s every feature for those to read. This includes your wheels, rims, tires, suspension, exhaust, lights, turbocharger, and any aftermarket parts you’ve added. This presents a complete display of your vehicle for the public. At the car show, it doesn’t matter if you’re showing off your Mustang’s racing shocks or a custom off-road pickup truck—every detail counts.

Be Proud and Have Fun

The last car show display tip to know is to have fun. Car shows are not serious excursions. They are designed for car enthusiasts to view and show off their hot rods for others. With that, take your time and get to know the other displays. Car shows represent a community of car fanatics. These fellow fans can offer advice or inside secrets you can use for future shows. Maybe there’s a barn find with a classic muscle car, or they noticed something off about your display. They might even suggest you spruce up your display with toys or trinkets that resemble your personality in relation to your car. Regardless, have fun and be proud of your collectible.

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