Fireworks lit up sky at Birdsong

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For more than 45 minutes on Thursday evening, fireworks lit up the nighttime sky on the banks of Birdsong Resort Marina and Campground celebrating Independence Day for the 58th year in-a-row.

Birdsong Owner Bob Keast hosted the family-friendly event where snow cones were plentiful and karaoke tunes danced across the warm breeze. Keast handed out poppers to children who ran around tossing them on the pavement below emitting a “pop” sound as they landed. Sparklers were lit and the smoke billowed up as anticipation built for sundown. The audience was not let down. Keast and friends put on quite the show. After an afternoon full of fun, folks lined the river at dusk as choreographed sprays of fireworks filled the air to patriotic music. The show lasted nearly an hour.

Keast said he loved hosting the event each year. “It is not about the money,” Keast said just after the last burst of color hit the sky. “It is about the community and the smiles on the faces that keep me doing it again and again. I love how everyone looks forward to the celebration here at Birdsong each and every year.”

Keast said more than 10 people help prepare and set up the event. He said he loves doing it for everyone, but the children are really his focus audience. “I feel there is a need in the community for kids to feel involved. I feel the love and peace that God granted me and His blessings that He bestows on me every day has provided so that I can share a wonderful show in a safe and clean environment. I am a kid at heart and loved handing out poppers and snow cones. Birdsong has help raise hundreds of fine kids over the years. God wanted me to have hundreds of kids, but none of my own.”

Keast said his motto has always been and will remain, “The family that plays together, stays together.”

Keast added a special thank you to Bob and Linda McMakins of Wildlife Cove. He said the McMakins are always big supporters of the annual event.

Among the crowd was Brittany Smith who said it was the first time she had been to the 4th of July party at Birdsong. “That was quite the experience,” Smith said just after the show. “The fireworks display rivaled that of big cities. It was so nice to have such a friendly atmosphere to celebrate Independence Day with my family. I hope to return year-after-year.”

Smith finished with, “I cannot thank organizers enough for putting this event on. I know the community is grateful.”

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